My Current Favorites

A space to share what books, music, tv, movies, and bible reading I’m currently enjoying and/or working on.

Books: Noteworthy by Riley Redgate

This book was hilarious. It’s a twist on the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night, the plot of which is probably more recognizable to you as the movie She’s The Man. The book is set at a private arts high school is upstate New York. The main character Jordan is an alto-2 who can’t seem to snag a spot in a school musical because she isn’t a soprano. All my altos out there know the struggle. She sees that the most prestigious boys A Capella group is looking for a Tenor 1 so she proceeds to dress herself up as a boy named Julian to audition. Of course she gets in and the rest is just the hilarious story of a girl pretending to be a boy to chase her love of music.

Music: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

A few months ago I went to see The Greatest Showman with Murray. The soundtrack to that movie is so ridiculously good it’s not even funny. The songs were so moving and catchy and it was awesome to see/hear Zac Efron do musicals again. (Shout out to my High School Musical people!) The songs made me want to find a choir to join. The harmonies were so strong and just really tugged at my heartstrings. I miss singing with a huge group of people. Other styles just aren’t quite the same..

TV: 7th Heaven

After watching 7th Heaven in bits and pieces growing up, mostly on syndicate, I finally decided to break down and get a CBS All Access subscription so I could watch the show from the beginning. Sometimes it’s way to cheesy to handle and other times I remember why I loved the show so much. I’m only on season 3, but I know it’s only gonna get more dramatic as we go! Regardless, it’s been a fun way to indulge in some 90’s nostalgia.

Movies: Peter Rabbit

Pretty sure James Corden was always meant to play a CGI rabbit. He was hilarious, the script was hilarious and I loved the whole movie. The kids in the theater were cracking up because of the slapstick humor, I was cracking up with the parents at the witty jokes and everybody was enamored with a family of anthropomorphized bunnies who wear clothes. And the little love story that blossoms between McGreggor and the cute lady next door was absolutely adorable. I would’ve watched a whole movie just on their love story. England sure is picturesque!

Bible: Matthew 1

I am still slowly working through my bible reading plan. It’s kind of pathetic how bad I am at consistency, but that’s a good topic for another post. Long story short, I’m still in the chapters for last fall on my bible reading plan. But I’m still trucking along. I read Matthew 1 today and ended up writing a whole post about it, so that’s where you can find my thoughts on that.

Stay tuned for new updates 🙂