My Current Favorites

A space to share what books, music, tv, movies, and bible reading I’m currently enjoying and/or working on.

Books: There I Go Again: How I Came To Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others by William Daniels

Boy Meets World has been my favorite show for as long as I can remember. And I genuinely mean that. I don’t have many vivid memories from kindergarten, but I do remember coming home from half-day kindergarten and watching syndicated episodes of Boy Meets World in the afternoon. Mr. Feeny has always fascinated me. He was a friendly mentor who earned the respect of the kids he worked with. Not to mention he was a history teacher. He’s always been a big reason why I wanted to be a teacher growing up. When I saw Bill Daniels was writing a book I couldn’t help but get really excited. I’ve always known him as Mr. Feeny, but he had a long and successful life in acting before that. It was so fun to hear a 90 year old man tell the stories of his life. It only made me like him even more. Anyone who likes him even half as much as I do would greatly enjoy reading this book 🙂

Music: Money On You by Chris Blue

A close friend of my cousin was competing in The Voice this season so I got sucked into watching the show for the first time this year. Even after Andrea left I was totally hooked. My top two favorites were Jesse and Chris. Jesse because he’s insanely talented on guitar and vocals and he’s from Minneapolis. Chris was impossible to ignore on stage and always shocked everyone with how engaging he was. He ended up winning the season and his single is super, super catchy. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. You won’t be sorry.

TV: Criminal Minds

After avoiding watching Criminal Minds for years because it was creepy and came on late at night after talk shows I finally gave it a try on Netflix. 11 seasons later I’m out of episodes on Netflix and I need more. I don’t know how I flew through so many episodes, but I love it. Even though there are new creepy serial killers every time, I can’t seem to stop watching. I think it’s because it’s like big kid Scooby Doo mysteries. They always catch the bad guy.

Movies: Everything Everything

Yes, Everything Everything is a teen romance movie, but it was so great. The premise of a girl allergic to everything definitely felt like a remake of Bubble Boy, but I still found myself melting at how cute the two main characters were. The movie stayed lighthearted and wholesome. It was just fun and never took itself too seriously. Just a genuinely cute movie. I loved it, and Nick Robinson was adorable in it, even if he did need a haircut.

Bible: 1 Corinthians

Back on the bible reading plan after a little hiatus and I’m trucking through 1 Corinthians. These guys were seriously messing up. The whole book is just Paul chewing them out for doing dumb stuff. While it’s very educational as a “what not to do” list, I’m mostly just entertained. It reads like how you feel when your little brother is getting chewed out for something that you had no part in. Poor Paul. He leaves for a little bit and comes back like that guy from the GIF where he has the pizza boxes and the whole room is on fire lol

Stay tuned for new updates 🙂