Why I Started a Blog

Making a blog is not a unique concept by any means, but I still wanted to start one to give myself an outlet for writing and putting more coherent thoughts out into the world aside from a couple sentences in a Facebook post. I’m not the type to write two paragraph posts on my page and call it good. I’m more of a short and sweet status creator and I like to elaborate in other ways. Consider this the extension of my online persona.

Since I graduated I’ve found that I really miss writing. I hated writing piles of papers, but I did weirdly enjoy compiling research, organizing my thoughts into an outline and sharing my ideas with whoever would end up reading them in their final form. As much as I complained about having to write reviews on books and movies and whatever else teachers and professors assigned, I did enjoy giving my opinion about things, especially things I liked. You can expect me to share anything I enjoy with you here. I even have a page dedicated to it! Other posts will be more elaborate and specific.

While some blogs have a specific theme, mine will be a spattering of all sorts of stuff. I’ve never been very good with social media forms that require aesthetics and a sharp focus. I like too many different things and lack the photography and fashion skills required to make things too pretty like most of what’s on the internet. I’m a words girl, so that’s what’s gonna be here.

Lastly, I wanted to start a blog because I wanted to be more intentional and open with my family and friends. I have lots of things I’m interested in or up to at the moment, but a lot of times Facebook or Twitter is extremely superficial and doesn’t allow me to really delve into any sort of detail. Now I won’t feel guilty for writing more than 50 words on a given topic. I don’t have any sort of set schedule for my posts as far as when I’ll post them or how often I’ll write. It’ll be a sort of “as the spirit moves me” type schedule, but I’m really excited to get started and give you guys a little glimpse into my life.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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